SARS Track

SARS Track is a student self-serve check-in/check-out system for measuring students' use of college / university / higher education services, such as counseling, academic advising, labs, tutoring and career centers. A PC at each site prompts students to record their arrivals, reasons for their visits, and departures. Students can enter their ID numbers using a keyboard, touch screen, or scanning device. Since students are prompted by on-screen instructions, no training is needed. SARS Track supports multiple languages.

Students may also use the system on campus, in conjunction with SARS Anywhere, to book same day and future appointments, self-register for drop-in visits, and check in for appointments.  For appointment check-ins, the system will automatically send notifications to advisors of the student's arrival and automatically record student attendance.

System Administration and Set-up Features

  • Unique specifications: tailored by department
  • Access security: department-controlled access to schedules and student data
  • Student IDs: multiple formats supported
  • Class import from host server:

    • Use classes as reasons for a service
    • Facilitate tutor assignments and create a record of tutors' activities
    • Associate lab hours with specific courses and sections
    • Assign temporary day pass to use course lab when name on class roster not yet listed
  • Usage controls: the number of times per day a student may check in and out of the same service
  • Customizable filters:

    • Block certain students' access to services
    • Allow only certain types of students to make appointments, sign in for drop-ins, or check-in
  • Integration: SARS Anywhere and SARS Early Alert

Features for Students

  • Check in for scheduled appointment
  • Add name to drop-in list
  • Book same day and future appointments on campus
  • Check in and out of services sites (labs, library, etc.)
  • Select from a list of reasons when checking in
  • Select from a list of current classes when checking into a class-related lab
  • View personal lab attendance totals when checking in
  • Check out to record duration of lab or tutoring session

Feature for Tutors

  • Select students to be seen after check in, at which point the system re-sets the start time

Reporting Features

  • 21 standardized SARS Track reports and all associated SARS Anywhere reports
  • Customizable reports using third-party reporting tool
  • Export to alternative formats
  • 60-minute hour and Carnegie unit (50-minute hour) time calculations supported

PC Track Add-on Module (for use in computer labs)

PC Track records time spent using a specific computer, as well as the class or reason associated with the student's computer use.

  • Lab Manager functions: view active sessions, cancel or restore session time limits, cancel or restore maximum session counts, send messages to current users, and end sessions
  • Integration: Windows log-in to eliminate extra step for student sign-in
  • Automatic logout: PCs automatically readied for next student upon prior student's sign out