SARS Plan is an on-screen calendar/resource planner with point and click capability.  This software is utilized by student service sites at colleges, universities and other higher education institutions.  It assists academic advisors, counselors and managers in establishing and coordinating work schedules for the purpose of student appointments and other campus activities.

Features for Managers

  • Establish work requirements for advisors (types of days to be worked, beginning/end dates of term or year, required number of advisor workdays and hours), as well as other planning criteria
  • Establish minimum and maximum coverage needs
  • Review and approve individual work plans
  • Review consolidated view of all approved plans to ensure proper coverage
  • Lock system to prevent changes by advisors after work plans have been approved
  • Integration with SARS Anywhere

Features for Advisors

  • Establish standard work schedule on calendar using the parameters established by manager
  • Modify work schedule to account for known exceptions
  • Displays tally of days and hours during planning process to ensure that plan meets requirements
  • Submit desired work plan to manager for review and approval

Reporting Features

  • 14 standardized reports
  • Customizable reports using third-party reporting tool