SARS Messages

SARS Messages is an automated messaging system* for colleges, universities and other higher education institutions.  It is used by counseling, academic advising and other service sites to send appointment reminders and broadcast messages to students via email, text messaging, or both, depending on the options purchased.

Each department can set up multiple applications for sending a variety of messages.

System Features

  • Reminders to students of upcoming individual and group appointments
  • Follow up messages to students about missed and canceled appointments
  • Notifications to students of appointment cancellations by advisors
  • Broadcast of important messages, such as overdue fees and incomplete registrations

System Administration and Set Up Features

  • Security module for user access
  • Schedule messages to be sent out during a specified time period
  • Configure email batches to accommodate spam filter limitations
  • Capability of sending an unlimited number of email messages
  • Outgoing message throughput determined by college-chosen configuration
  • Integration with SARS Anywhere

Features for Students

  • Cancel appointment option
  • Opt out of receiving future text messages option

Reporting Features

  • 9 standardized reports
  • Schedule reports to be emailed automatically to the system administrator
  • Customizable reports using third-party reporting tool
*SARS Messages is not intended for use for emergency notifications.