SARS Early Alert

SARS Early Alert is a web-based early alert referral system that helps promote student success and retention at colleges, universities and other higher education institutions. This software enables faculty and staff to make referrals that connect at-risk students with campus services, such as counseling and academic advising. These departments then have the ability to provide appropriate intervention and receive feedback on actions taken.

Faculty and staff make referrals of students with problems, such as:

  • Academic (attendance problems, missed tests or assignments, low quality work products, poor test performance, poor performance on class content, or poor basic reading/writing/math skills)
  • Behavioral (poor time management, study skills, or test-taking skills)
  • Personal (financial problems, outside work conflicts, adjustment difficulties, drastic changes in student's appearance, or change in student's demeanor)
  • Enrollment (enrolled but never attended class, or stopped attending without dropping class)

Automated communication triggers

  • Email to student in which the concern is described and the student is encouraged to take advantage of the listed services
  • Email to selected departments or services to initiate appropriate interventions
  • Popup message identifying early alert student displayed during appointment scheduling, drop-in registration or lab check-in
  • Email to faculty when student receives service for each specified concern
  • Email to student and faculty when all concerns have been satisfied

System Administration and Set Up Features

  • Single sign-on authentication for faculty and role-based authentication for access to administrative functions
  • Establish a customized list of reasons that may be inhibiting the student’s success
  • Establish customized list of service areas for referrals
  • Establish linkage with class rosters (course, section, number, and faculty name)
  • Create templates for email and popup messages
  • Integration with SARS Anywhere and SARS Track

Reporting Features

  • 7 standardized reports
  • Customizable reports using third-party reporting tool
  • Faculty and staff review the status of early alert referrals they have made to monitor recommended actions.