SARS Connect

SARS Connect is a SARS utility for real-time connections between SARS databases and ERP systems.  This interface is utilized at colleges, universities and other higher education institutions for the purpose of exchanging student data. Currently, SARS Connect is available for BannerĀ® by Ellucian.


  • The Banner-to-SARS integration process sends changes to student information made in Banner to the SARS database(s), including: new records, updated records, and new term updates.
  • The SARS-to-Banner integration process sends data about appointments, drop-ins and positive lab attendance captured in SARS back to Banner.
  • Banner uses the information provided by SARS to update its database. Banner also saves each transaction into an event table developed specifically for the SARS integration as a log/reporting table.
  • A Banner-designed web service uses a mapping table that ensures that data exchanged between the two systems populates the correct database fields.
  • A channel created in LuminisĀ® (the Banner portal) simplifies the integration process.
  • The integration supports both batch synchronization and real-time event messaging for data integration from Banner to SARS.