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SARS·TRAK is a student self-serve check-in/check-out system for measuring students' use of college services, such as advising, counseling, library, labs, tutoring, career centers, and other services. A PC at each site prompts students to record their arrivals, reasons for their visits, and departures. Students can enter their ID numbers using a keyboard, touch screen, or scanning device, such as a card reader or wand. Since students are prompted by on-screen instructions, no training is needed. SARS·TRAK supports multiple languages.

Because it is integrated with SARS·GRID, students may use the system to self-register for walk-in visits and check in for appointments, at which time the advisor will be notified of the student's arrival and the student's attendance will be recorded, as well as to book same day and future appointments.

SARS·TRAK Features

System Administration and Set-up Features:

Each department can design its unique parameters - ID formats, codes describing reasons for service, user names, languages, and more
Each department controls access to its own system and student data. Access can be assigned to users based on their roles and the desired level of access, all of which can be individually established on a department by department basis.
Multiple student ID formats are supported.
Classes can be imported from the host server and used in a variety \ of ways, including:
· to use classes as reasons for a service
· to facilitate tutor assignments and create a record of tutors' activities
· to associate lab hours with specific courses and sections, and
· to assign a temporary day pass so a student can use a course lab that is not linked to any class the student is currently attending.
The maximum number of check-in times per day can be established (between 1- 9, or unlimited) to delineate how often a student may check in and out of the same student service.
A filter can be established to block certain "students: access to selected services.
A program filter can be established to allow only certain types of students to use SARS·TRAK to book appointments, use the walk-in feature, or to check-in/check-out of specified student services.
Integrates with Early Alerts (SARS·ALRT).
Works with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server database.
Includes built-in interfaces with Ellucian's Colleague® and Banner® Digital Campus, and PeopleSoft.
System can support foreign country information.

Student Use Features:

Students can select from a list of reasons when checking in for a service.
Students can select from a list of current classes when checking into a class-related lab.
Students can view their own lab attendance totals when checking in.
Students may print appointment reminders after making appointments using SARS·TRAK.
In tutoring centers, after a student checks in, a tutor can select the student to be seen, at which point the system re-sets the start time. The student must check out using SARS·TRAK in order for the duration of the activity to be accurately recorded in the student's history.

Reporting Features:

23 standardized reports are available.
Reports can be viewed on screen, printed or exported.
Reports support time calculations based on the 60-minute hour, as well as the Carnegie unit (50-minute hour).
Reports include usage by student, by time of day, by visit, for a day, by reason and/or classes; excess lab hours; number of visits and elapsed time; and more. Report also include usage by tutors and certified supervisor hours.
End-users can create their own reports using a third-party reporting tool.

PC·TRAK Add-on Module:

Available for use specifically in computer labs, PC·TRAK tracks the amount of time a student spends using a specific computer in the lab, as well as the class or reason that is associated with the student's computer use.
PC·TRAK includes PC·TRAK Control, which allows a system administrator to view all active sessions, cancel or restore session time limits, cancel or restore maximum session counts, send messages to current users, and end sessions.
PC·TRAK integrates with Windows log-in to eliminate the student's need to sign-in to PC·TRAK in order to use a PC.
PC·TRAK automatically logs student out of a lab when a student signs out, so the PC is ready for the next student.

SARS·TRAK Benefits

A single system can operate any number of service entry points.
Frees staff from the need to schedule and register students, notify advisors of student arrivals, and track the duration of student activity.
Ensures reporting of all student use of designated services (including not only number of visits, but also the amount of time expended on each non-appointment activity), resulting in maximized reimbursement to the college.

SARS·TRAK System Requirements

SARS·TRAK and PC·TRAK are installed on a server and accessed by client computers.


SARS·TRAK is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and uses ADO/ODBC to access its database. SARS·TRAK has been tested and deployed with Microsoft SQL Server. Several different third party OCXs are used to enhance the capability of Visual Basic.

Client Workstation (Minimum System Requirements):

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Computer: Pentium IV 600 MHz or higher
Memory: At least 1 GB of main system memory
Disk Space:

At least 35 MB of hard disk storage

File/Database Server (Minimum System Requirements):

SARS·TRAK works with any Windows-compatible network. It has been successfully tested on Novell, Windows 2000 - 2008 Server operating systems with Microsoft SQL Server. The system has an initial requirement of 35 megabytes of disk space per application, but requires additional disk space as the data stored in the system grows.

The SARS·TRAK Package

SARS·TRAK includes:

One SARS·TRAK site license usable by an unlimited number of departments, and even branch campuses, of a single college/university
One copy of SARS·TRAK software
One copy of SARS·TRAK documentation
On screen help integrated within SARS·TRAK
One full year of SARS·TRAK upgrades
One full year of support via phone, fax, e-mail or internet

PC·TRAK includes:

One PC·TRAK site license usable by an unlimited number of departments, and even branch campuses, of a single college/university
One copy of PC·TRAK software
One PC·TRAK chapter to add to the SARS·TRAK User Manual
On screen help integrated within PC·TRAK Control
One full year of PC·TRAK upgrades
One full year of support via phone, fax, e-mail or internet

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