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SARS·MSGS is an automated messaging system*. It is used to send appointment reminders, announcements, registration notices, and other types of messages by creating automated batches of e-mails, text messages, or both, depending on the System License that is purchased. The e-mail option can send an unlimited number of e-mail messages. The text option can send up to 80 text messages per minute depending upon the hardware configuration.

SARS·MSGS Features

Each department can set up multiple applications for sending a variety of messages. Applications may include:
· Advising, DSS, TRIO (remind students of individual and group appointments, send messages about missed and canceled appointments, announce drop-in hours, or notify students of cancellations and changes in schedules)
· Admissions and Registration (notify students about overdue tuition and fees, send messages to students with incomplete registrations, follow up on students who applied but did not enroll, send invitations to summer school)
· Bookstore (announce bookstore sales)
· International Students Programs (remind students of SEVIS fees and changes in requirements)
· Library (notify students about library fees or overdue books, broadcast available services)
· Special Events (send performing arts announcements).
Messages can be customized to be sent out during a specified time period. Staff time will be freed up to reschedule canceled appointments or to make follow up contact with students to whom messages could not be sent.
E-mail batches can be configured to accommodate spam filter limitations.
Reports itemize messages that were sent and not sent to allow for focused follow-up.

SARS·MSGS Benefits

Uses pre-existing database of students and advisors.
Eliminates the time spent preparing manual call lists and making manual calls.
Adapts flexibly to last minute appointment changes.
Reduces appointment "no show" rate, thereby increasing financial reimbursements to the school.
Maximizes advisors' efficiency.
Assures timely contact with target group.

SARS·MSGS System Requirements

If SARS·MSGS is used with the SARS·GRID database, SARS·GRID must be installed on a server at the college, and the computer running the SARS·MSGS software must have Read and Write access to the SARS·GRID database.

For the E-mail option, colleges must have an SMTP server to relay messages to the students' e-mail addresses.

For the Text Messaging option, colleges must have a contract with a third-party service that we support, or a combination of text messaging hardware and a text plan that we support. Contact us for more information.

SARS·MSGS is installed on a college-supplied server.


SARS·MSGS is written in and uses ADO.Net to access its database. SARS·MSGS has been tested and deployed with Microsoft SQL Server.

Client Workstation (Minimum System Requirements):

SARS·MSGS supports Internet Explorer, FireFox and Netscape. SARS·MSGS requires JavaScript and Cookies enabled on the client's browser.

Web Server (Minimum System Requirements):

A server at the college must be runninng Windows 2003 - 2012 Server and IIS.
The server must have Microsoft.Net Framework v2.0 and v4.0 installed.
The server must have access to the SARS·GRID database.
An SSL certificate will enhance security and is highly recommended.
The system requires a minimum of 40 MB of disk space.

The SARS·MSGS Package

One SARS·MSGS site license usable by an unlimited number of departments, and even branch campuses, of a single college/university. Choose between E-mail Only, Text Only, or E-mail AND Text
One copy of SARS·MSGS software
One copy of SARS·MSGS documentation
On screen help integrated within SARS·MSGS
One full year of SARS·MSGS upgrades
One full year of support via phone, fax, e-mail or internet

* SARS·MSGS is not intended to be used for emergency notifications.

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