SARS Software Products, Inc.
  What . . .

Software solutions for:

• Appointment scheduling

• Messaging

• Tracking

• Resource planning

• Retention

• Reporting

and more . . .

Who . . .

College student service sites:

• academic advising

• counseling

• assessment and testing

• transfer advising

• career services

• learning assistance

• financial aid

• disability resources

• international students

• adult re-entry services

• health and wellness

• computer labs

and more . . .

Why . . .

Increase productivity, efficiency, and revenues while providing enhanced services to students.

Where . . .

An unlimited number of departments can share our products, yet configure the systems to meet their unique needs.

When . . .

NOW.  Take a look and call us for an on-line demonstration.

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SARS·GRID product information

Appointment Scheduling and Reporting System
SARS·MSGS product information

Automated Reminder and Announcement System
SARS·TRAK product information

Student Self-Serve Check-in/Check-out System
SARS·PLAN product information

Resource Planning and Utilization System
SARS·ALRT product information

Early Alert Referral System
Software solutions for scheduling appointments, sending appointment reminders, tracking activities, planning resources, providing early interventions, and sending e-mail and text messages.